Construction and Long Term Time Lapse Video Production, Indonesia and International

- Documentation for your construction progress from start to finish, for months and years of duration.
- See the 4K video picture quality (to the left) that we produced.
- Show progress of your construction to investors, customers or stake holders, so to build interest in purchasing your property
- Use time lapse photos to include in your project progress report or milestone of the construction in an entertaining way.

Online Monitoring

Monitor progress anytime and from anywhere, Get up-to-date information whenever you need it.”

Up to 50 MP

Up to 50 MP camera resolution. So you can zoom in to a section of the time lapse to see in more detail

Daily & Monthly Report

Get daily photo reports and monthly time lapse videos


Service includes camera gear, installation, experienced team and video editing.

Affordable Quality

See the 4k video that we produced (see above). We deliver quality on time and affordable.


Our SME company is not required legally to charge VAT. Save money by hiring us.


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